"You must fight for peace... Peace is something to kill for."
- Fenwyk, Battle of Heddwch

Fenwyk the Long-eared Owl is a minor character in the fanfiction Travellers of Mac'Greer, written by user Odelayowl. He's a Heddven, or owl hippie, and leader of a large Heddven clan.

History Edit

London Edit

Fenwyk the Heddven first appears approaching Levi, Goth, Dunn, Aj and Macall at Tower Bridge. He comes with several of his friends, including his cousin Kak, and convince Levi and his friends to come along to the Heddven convention. Fenwyk is lost in the crowd when they arrive, and Levi and his friends end up fleeing along with one of Fenwyk's friends, Saar. (Known by his Heddven name as Ultimate Spinach)

The Battle of Heddwch Edit

During the mayhem of the battle, Levi slashed at an opposing Heddven, then realizes that it's Fenwyk. Fenwyk originally sided with Roy and the Byrd Brigade, but later sided with Levi, along with Kak. Fenwyk proves himself to be an able fighter.

The Meeting of Lycoris Edit

It is revealed that Fenwyk has settled down with a female Long-eared Owl nmed Cleopatra, and that they have had a single son together, Fen. Fenwyk has washed the Heddven dye off of his face feathers while raising his chick.

Manifest Destiny Edit

As Levi's massing of soldiers arrive in Liverpool, Fenwyk appears with a battalion of Heddvens, whom he calls The Fenians. His mate and son are there to wish him goodbye as he and the other soldiers fly for Canada. He and his fellow Heddvens, including Kak and his friends, fight against the Ryker Army. They add an element of surprise with their bright feathers and normally peaceful demeanor.

After the Battle of Rhyfel, the scroom of Saar informed Roy that Fenwyk would welcome him into his Heddven convention.

Name Edit

(Fourth wall break, this is Odelayowl talking)

Well, I decided that all Heddvens should be named after 60's bands after watching a YouTube video called "50 Psychedelic 60's Bands To Hear Before You Die". The guy who posted it listed maybe a hundred different obscure bands in the video's description, one of those bands being Fenwyk, which I thought sounded like a good Guardians of Ga'hoole name. Turns out the guy who wrote that list made a typo, and the band's name was actually Fenwyck. I assume it's a bastardization of Fenwick.