Guardians of Ga'Hoole Fanon Wikia

Four stories follows around Gwen(Short eared owl),Duncan(Northern hawk owl),Heather(Barn owl),and Owen(Also known as Splotch)(Long eared owl).

Chapter one-Snachted!

Three owls flew into flight.One holding a short eared owl,another on holding a northern hawk owl,and the other holding a barn owl.The owls were from st.aggies.

"Alright!We got three while Spoorn is with that owl named Owen!"the owl named Jatt said.

"47-2,you got Heather,Jatt,you got Duncan,and I got Gwen."Jutt said.

Unknown to the owls,Gwen,Heather and Duncan woke up.They all screamed.

"What do we do!?"Gwen yelled."Shut up!"Heather yelled.

"You know.This is so crazy,its almost funny."Duncan said.

Then,Jatt and Jutt screeched at them.The three owls became scared.

"Quick!We need something big to slap in there faces!"Gwen pointed out.

Owen was the choice but he wasn't there.

Owen was with Spoorn.He was dreaming about food.

I'm hungry,he thought.Then he woke up.And he screamed.

"I'm all alone!Without breakfast."Owen said.

The four owls were going somewhere.But the didn't know were.