Guardians of Ga'Hoole Fanon Wikia

This page is a basic tutorial for people who are new to Fandom wikis who would like to make a page for their character/fanfiction.

Creating a page

To start a page, simply click "Create a Page" in the top navigation bar.

If for whatever reason that button is out of commission, go to the various icons at the top right of the screen and click the "..." one, then select "add new page".

Adding categories

Adding categories to pages is what helps keep the wiki organized. After you have published your page, scroll to the bottom of the page and open the Categories drop-down. The two most important categories you should add to your page is either Characters or Fanfiction.

If your page is for a character, you can add more categories for gender and species, for example Male or Boreal Owl.

Adding a character infobox

Infoboxes are an easy way to display key information about your character. To find this wiki's standard character infobox, click the "insert" option while editing, then "infobox", then "infobox character".

Fill in any sections of the infobox that apply to your character. You do not have to fill them all - any boxes left blank will not appear on the published page. To add an image, copy the image's link - you only need to put the image name in the infobox. For example, the image link will appear as

but all you need is


If you require a highly customized infobox, feel free to make your own. To make a new infobox, simply create a new page with the preface Template: in its name. For example, Template:Tycho infobox

Suggested page sections

This is a list of page sections you could add to your character page. These are not required and you can structure your page however you please, these are simply suggestions if you don't know where to start.

You can change the type of text (paragraph/heading/subheading) in the toolbar above, at the very left.


A character's personality often informs their story's direction, so it might be a good place to start your character page.


Does your character have unique markings or scars?


If your character imbued with a natural (or supernatural) gift?


Feel free to elaborate on your character's family.

  • Mother
  • Father
  • Brother


This is the section where most users write the bulk of their character's backstory / biography.

The Burning of Silverviel

Sub-headings can be used to signify specific eras in a character's life, or fan fictions they appeared in.

Fan Fiction pages

There is really no suggested layout for fan fictions - feel free to use a wiki page as a blank slate for your story.

More than fan characters / fan fiction

Want to post something other than a character profile or fan fiction? Go ahead! All I ask is that you try to keep the pages on this wiki relevant to Ga'Hoole or similar Lasky franchises, like Wolves of the Beyond, Bears of the Ice, or Horses of the Dawn.

Useful templates

Below are more templates you can use on your pages.

If you want to warn readers of potential fan fiction spoilers, you can put this template on your page by typing {{Spoiler}}

If you're fine with other users helping out by editing typos and adding categories you may have missed, include the template {{Edits ok}}

Do not edit pages that do not use this template. Please respect other users' work.